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Smart Greenhouse

The Smart Greenhouse (SGH) was established in 2020 and consisted of 6 units. SGH is a collaboration between Polbangtan Bogor and the Directorate General of PSP (Agricultural Infrastructure and Facilities), Ministry of Agriculture. The hydroponic model used is the drip and circulation type. The utilised commodities include horticulture fruits such as melons and leafy vegetables like spinach and bok choy. SGH is equipped with room cooling, internet, cooling pads, fans, and an automatic irrigation system. Each unit of SGH covers approximately 400 m2, making a total of around 2400 m2 for all 6 SGH units. SGH serves for student production and practicals in various courses such as Vegetable Production Technology, Greenhouse, Hydroponic Techniques, and Modern Agricultural Technology. It has also been used for faculty research and hydroponic competency certification. The capacity of SGH is approximately 30 people per unit.