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Link and Match SMK in Indonesia Strengthening Teacher Training in TVET Agriculture in Nusa Tenggara Timur (LMSINDO)


The project aims to strengthen SMK teacher training (in- and pre-service) on the national and on a regional levels by enhancing the educational and organizational capacities of the MoA POLBANGTAN system and SMKs, assisting SMK-PP Kupang to upgrade the status of the agricultural polytechnic, and strengthening linkages (Link and Match) by establishing collaborative frameworks between education, government and private sector (triple helix) on a national and provincial level. The project will strengthen the overall agriculture teacher training further by bringing the Ministry of Agriculture into the project framework, creating robust and seamless coordination to prepare to scale up the process. Project partners are MSM, Polbangtan Bogor, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Q-Point, SV-IPB, KADIN, Universitas Nusa Cendana, SMK PP Kupang, SMK Negeri 1 Waibakul, and BBPP Kupang. Besides that, it also involves the private sector. LMSINDO Programs consist of:

1. Entrepreneurship Education
2. Problem-Based Learning
3. Project-Based Learning
4. Value Chain Analysis
5. Curriculum Development
6. Teacher Training
7. Supporting Learners in Project

Labour market need assessment

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Penilaian Pembelajaran Berbasis Proyek

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Prinsip Dasar Pengembangan Kurikulum OBE

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