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Entrepreneurship Education

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How to use canvas Business Model :

In this exercise you fill out the Canvas Business Model for an existing company. You can use the attached template (annex I). Answer the following questions.

 Find the mission of the company and write this as the value proposition. What do they offer their customers, what is the added value of their product from the perspective of the customer?

  1. What kind of customer is the company targeting? Place this information in the customer segment bloc. Additional questions:
    1. Do they serve a specific need or the mass market?
    2. Do they target several segments simultaneously by acting as a middleman?
  2. What relationship does the company have with their customers? Place this information in the relationship block.
  3. How does the company reach its customers? Place this information in the channel block. This could be a real or digital location, like a store or a website. The channel might vary over time and channels can be complementary.
  4. How does the company make revenue? There are many ways to do this beyond simply selling a product, such as renting, licensing or offering subscription fees.
  5. What key activities does the company need to perform? These are ongoing tasks such as producing products or maintaining a platform for their customers.
  6. What resources are required to run the company? For example, physical equipment, intellectual capacity, human resources or financial resources.
  7. Who are your partners? A company doesn’t need to do everything on its own. They may create strategic alliances, outsource work, or build strong buyer-supplier relationships.
  8. What does it cost? What are the most important costs in the business model design? Are they fixed costs, or do they vary over time?
  9. Review your finished business model. Where are the weaknesses? Which parts work well? Create a second iteration where you tackle the weaknesses and emphasize the strengths.


Print the Canvas Business Model on big size paper or copy it on a flip chart. Use markers to fill in the parts. The visualization helps to get a good overview of the company as a whole.

 Instead of referring to an existing company, students can use this model as well for setting up their own business.

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