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UPM is the main element of managing the education quality assurance system of Polbangtan Bogor, especially in the fields of implementation and development of education quality, Training and Development of Human and non-human Resources, Data Processing and Quality Assurance Information Systems, and Internal quality assurance audits, which report directly to the Director of Polbangtan Bogor.

Vision and Mission


We are creating a culture of quality within Polbangtan Bogor, which will help realise the vision and mission of Polbangtan Bogor.


  1. Carry out control development in improving the Quality of Education that is relevant to local wisdom and culture of the Polbangtan Bogor Campus
  2. 2. Organizing Assistance and Human Resource Development as well as cooperation in the field of quality assurance Education, training, and consultation both at the local, regional, national, and international levels.
  3. Developing information systems and processing Quality Assurance data
  4. Develop and carry out internal education quality audits

Purpose And Functions

UPM aims to control and improve the quality of education and service to realise the readiness of students who are strong, capable, and global-minded.

UPM functions to measure the quality of educational outcomes, diagnose weaknesses in the academic process, and assist departments/study programs in improving the quality of education within the Bogor Polbangtan environment.

UPM Organization

Unit Penjaminan Mutu (UPM) is the main element in implementing education quality assurance in Polbangtan Bogor, as it has the following duties and functions

  1. Unit Penjaminan Mutu is an implementing unit in the field of education quality control and improvement, led by a head who is appointed by and responsible to the chairman.
  2. Unit Penjaminan Mutu has the functions of planning, implementing, and developing quality assurance systems; compiling quality assurance system devices; monitoring and evaluating the implementation of quality assurance systems; developing quality assurance system cooperation, socialisation, implementation, and monitoring of accreditation and certification processes, coordinating the implementation of competency tests in the framework of professional certification and compiling and documenting reports on the implementation of quality assurance management.

The organisational structure is as follows:

  1. Director of Bogor as the Director
  2. Deputy Director I, as the technical supervisor
  3. Head of UPM
  4. Secretary of UPM
  5. Coordinator of Planning, Development, and Quality Control
  6. Coordinator of Data Processing and Quality Assurance Information Systems
  7. Coordinator of Accreditation, Certification, and Internal Audit for Quality Assurance
  8. Gugus Kendali Mutu (GKM) for the Department of Agriculture
  9. Gugus Kendali Mutu (GKM) for the Department of Animal Husbandry


To achieve the quality standards set in Satuta, several work details, duties, and work relationships are needed, in addition to avoiding overlapping authority for each work unit and facilitating the coordination of the work of each work unit. The details in question are:

  1. Plan and implement a comprehensive and continuous education quality assurance system
  2. Create the necessary tools for the implementation of the education quality assurance system
  3. Conduct development and training for human resource improvement
  4. Monitor the implementation of the education quality assurance system
  5. Melakukan audit dan evaluasi pelaksanaan sistem penjamian mutu pendidikan
  6. Regularly report on the implementation of the education quality assurance system

Job Description

1. Head of UPM

Job Summary

  1. Creating a strategic plan for the implementation of the UPM Polbangtan Bogor organisation
  2. Performing organising, monitoring, evaluating, coordinating, and commitment to follow-up actions


  1. Ensure the implementation of a quality assurance system within the environment of Polbangtan Bogor
  2. Plan activities related to the quality assurance process
  3. Organize tasks within the UPM environment
  4. Control the quality assurance process within the Polbangtan Bogor environment and the performance of UPM members
  5. Evaluate the quality assurance process for continuous improvement
  6. Coordinate all UPM activities
  7. Coordinate and direct UPM members
  8. Lead plenary meetings on all draft quality assurance processes
  9. Revise budgets for each division
  10. Approve activities carried out by UPM members
  11. Collaborate with other institutions andstakeholders


  1. Responsible to the Director of Polbangtan Bogor
  2. Collaborating with departments/programs, academic units, and UPM members
  3. Regularly reporting quality assurance activities within the POLBANGTAN Bogor environment to the Director of Polbangtan Bogor